The Evolution of Sani Pass™

The story of Sani Pass begins with Universal Events Group Inc. and its sister company Universal Exhibition Group Inc. (UEG). For 30+ years we have been touring the world with exhibitions, concerts, family entertainment and sporting events. When COVID-19 hit the Western World in 2020, we were understandably heavily affected – all live entertainment ceased, with a minimal amount moved to the online world. Like others, the Entertainment industry was paralyzed by the invisible global enemy.

That same year, we were determined to assist our staff and associates find a way through this complicated time. This resulted in the innovative solution – disinfection passage. In cooperation with a group of talented professionals, including engineers and microbiologists, we developed a fully-automated and touch-free sanitizing tunnel for humans that helps regain some sense of normalcy when entering populated spaces. As the pandemic evolved, we understood that many more industries, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, and education could benefit from our intelligent disinfection tunnels. Sani Pass offers a simple, effective layer of protection against the complex threat of COVID-19.

Our Products

Our product line originated with a walk through disinfection channel to avoid COVID-19 cross contamination back in May 2020. When research showed that the virus survives on various surfaces for multiple days, we realized that disinfection passages needed to be more versatile.

Today, Sani Pass Canada Limited offers disinfection solutions for high-traffic areas which can sanitize a person’s clothes and hand held items in 8-10 seconds. Our product line of intelligent disinfection hardware has been expanded to include disinfection units for luggage, shopping/bagage carts, wheelchairs and palletized goods in order to minimize any cross-contamination in populated spaces like airports, retail outlets, offices and hospitals. Our handheld, easy-to-operate ULV foggers assist in disinfecting surfaces and objects. Additionally, touchless hand sanitizers will guarantee personal safety for staff and customers. Special temperature monitoring systems with thermal imaging technology can monitor traffic and detect any acute temperature anomalies quickly to maintain safe and efficient access control.

What’s next?

Today we continue the research and development of innovative disinfection solutions including air purification and filtration systems as well as highly accurate rapid triage testing. We are also continuously improving the next generation of our existing disinfection hardware. We strive to expand our product line to keep people safe in all situations. Sani Pass will provide what the public expects and deserves. Today going forward.

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