Sani Pass disinfection robots

CM-2012 Disinfection Robot

Sani Pass CM-2012 is a disinfection robot for enclosed spaces that automatically decontaminates the selected areas from viruses and bacteria. The unit can be customized to match specific sanitation requirements and routes.

Use cases:

Sani Pass CM-2012 robot was designed for autonomous disinfection of a selected room or designated space. It offers customizable paths and smart sensors that allow for unsupervised operation. The disinfection robot can help hospitals and office buildings, as well as shopping centers or educational facilities, maintain a high level of assurance with the minimum effort from the staff.


• High-capacity lithium batteries provide up to 8 h of working cycles and automatic returning to the base for re-charging
• 2 h re-charging time
• LiDAR sensors for obstacle avoidance
• Ultrasonic sensors for anti-collision
• Automatic disinfectant tracking and returning to the base at low levels
• Emergency stop button
• Customization of disinfection paths


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