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HS-05 Hand Sanitizer

Sani Pass HS-05 hand cleansing station is a multi-purpose unit suitable for gel, foam, or liquid disinfectants. The unit is wall-mounted with optional desk and floor stand and is equipped with an infrared sensor for touch-free hand sanitation.

Use cases:

When hand sanitation is a priority in every building and at every event, the Sani Pass ST-03 hand sanitizing station can fulfill this task. The wall-mounted unit is compact in size (119x133x280 mm), so it can fit on every vertical surface. The battery-powered option can be efficient for open-air events or remote locations, while the electrical plug is suitable for hospitals, schools, public transport facilities etc.


• AC/DC power options with power-saving mode for more versatile application
• Wall-mounted configuration for easy installation with optional floor and desk stand
• Infrared sensors guarantee touch-free hand sanitation
• 3 replaceable dispenser nozzles in the set provide variability of disinfection solution for the unit (liquid, gel, foam)
• 1000 ml refillable disinfectant container
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
• High-precision spraying sensor


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