SaniPass™ Model M64

Sani Pass M64

Sani Pass M64 is designed for the disinfection of people and their hand-held items in medium-traffic areas. The unit is also equipped with both temperature detection and alert system.

Use cases:

Sani Pass M64 can be efficiently used at construction sites with restricted areas, as well as manufacturing and storage facilities that need to guarantee a pathogen-free environment. Pharmacies, assisted living facilities, health practitioner offices, and any other location with limited and controlled traffic can benefit from using this unit in daily operations.


• Ultrasonic atomization creates super-fine fog for 99.99% efficient disinfection in the unit.
• German made non-contact thermal imaging sensors are equipped with an audiovisual alarm system to alert to body temperature deviation.
• Face-mask recognition system monitors visitor traffic as well controls staff check-in and out.
• High-capacity refillable disinfectant tanks can hold the liquid solution for up to 1,500 disinfection procedures per fill.
• LED lighting is located at the unit’s inner top to allow for use in low-light environments, such as mining sites.


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