MZ34 Stationary Office Fogger

Sani Pass MZ34 is a stationary fogger for office and and other workplace environment. The unit is designed to keep office spaces pathogen free (including the SARS-COVID2-Virus) at all times with a highly efficient but non-toxic disinfection solution.

Use cases:

The MZ34 fogger is a perfect solution for the reopening of businesses. It offers effective coverage for wide spaces to guarantee employees and visitors a virus- and bacteria-free environment. This high-power unit can provide complete coverage with an almost 100% disinfection rate. Medium-sized offices, co-working spaces, admission rooms, and any other enclosed spaces will benefit from a compact size stationary fogger.


• Variable fogging settings and programmable timer for after hour operation
• 99.9% of viruses and bacteria elimination from high-touch surfaces
• User-friendly control panel for easy usage
• Powerful flow rate for complete space coverage


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