disinfection tunnel

Pallet Disinfection Unit CD84

Sani Pass CD-84 unit is a stainless steel arch for large-sized goods on pallets. The unit is equipped with a series of nozzles for dry fog activated via an infrared sensor.

Use cases:

The CD-84 disinfection unit is an indispensable element for any warehouse, manufacturing facility, seaport terminal, train station, airport, or any other logistics endpoint for goods. This disinfection tunnel can efficiently clear a palletized item of pathogens hence reducing the probability of cross-contamination at logistic centers. The stainless steel construction and automatic volumetrically-calculated HOCl fogging system guarantees complete disinfection of every pallet.


• Automatic on/off of the unit’s fogging system via infrared sensors.
• Use of non-toxic, water-based disinfectant that guarantees organic and non-toxic decontamination of cargo.
• Dry-fog disinfection contains sub micron sized disinfectant molecules to provide complete coverage of every palletized item.
• Stainless-steel unit body and 38-liter tank are resistant against mold corrosion and residue build up.
• IP65 protection class of all electrical installation in the unit.
• The emergency stop button discontinues the unit’s operation within seconds.


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