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Trolley Disinfection Unit APT69

Sani Pass APT-69 is a disinfection unit for efficient elimination of pathogens on shopping and/or luggage carts. Its non-toxic disinfectant solution is suitable for use in the food industry and in the presence of humans.

Use cases:

Sani Pass APT-69 is an ideal solution for supermarkets, shopping centers, train stations and airports. The compact-sized unit with a 38-liter disinfectant tank can guarantee hazard-free disinfection of every cart touched by the visitors. The unit helps to process every cart before each renewed use for maximized protection. The whole process takes up only a few seconds guaranteeing queue-free cart disinfection at every location.


• Use of an organic water-based disinfectant guarantees safety for every human and animal in close contact with the disinfected cart.
• The unit’s fogging nozzles disperse sub-micron sized droplets of the liquid solution that disinfects every cart element.
• Stainless-steel unit body and PVC fogging nozzles prevent corrosion and residue development inside of the unit.
• 38-liter tank guarantees easy maintenance and long-lasting operational time.
• Unit’s electrical installation complies with the IP65 protection class.
• Infrared sensors automatically start and complete the cart’s disinfection.


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