SP Duct

The future of HVAC air filtration SP Duct. Clean and healthy air: solutions for a total and continuous protection from viruses, pathogens, pollutants, particulates and smells. Solutions for a healthier life. To be inserted in the air ducting system. Covered surface: up to 4.370 sqm (11.05 m³/h).

Use cases:

The physical process PCO-FEO (ionizing catalytic radiation – heterogeneous oxidizing photocatalysis) consists of an ambient air current which, thanks to an aspiration system, passes through a photocatalytic device. This is a lamp generating low-power ultraviolet radiation, which radiates the large and porous honeycomb surface of a powerful catalyst. The propagation of the elements generated by the PCO-FEO processes takes place by saturation of the premises through the diffusion of air. This allows the sanitization and disinfection of air and surfaces, with a penetration power in textile fibres up to 5 mm and consequent guarantee of 99.99% elimination of viruses and bacteria.


• Sanitizing in the presence of people 24/7
• Non-toxic sanitization
• Absence of chemical products
• Sanitization also effective against SARS-COVID2-Virus
• Sanitizing also hidden surfaces
• Low energy consumption
• Installation not visible in the room
• Lowering of seasonal biological infections and allergies with consequent reduction of work and school absenteeism


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