disinfection fog machine

YZ-32 Battery Powered Fogger

Sani Pass YZ-32 ULV Fogger is a battery-powered unit mainly used for disinfection application of immobile objects and spaces. The lightweight design and powerful battery guarantees 40 minutes of continuous operation.

Use cases:

The unit is ideal for dry-fog disinfection of furniture, rooms, interiors, and large spaces. Schools, public transport, and high-traffic institutions can use it for epidemic control. The YZ-32 unit can also be utilized with special solutions for both pest control or odor-removal operations. Animal shelters are frequently using this model to eradicate harmful microorganisms.


• Compatibility with various liquid solutions, such as oils, air fresheners, water-based disinfectants, biocides, etc.
• The light weight of 3.2 kg and battery-based power for convenient transportation and use.
• 40 min operational time with 3.5-4 hours charging time.
• Unique nozzle design adjusts droplet size between 5-50 microns while guaranteeing the minimum flow rate at 0.25 LPM.
• Quiet motor compared to other foggers incl. thermal foggers.


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