Chemical Fogging In Schools And Buses Considered Harmless

Published: Wednesday, 21 October 2020 on Written by Connor Gerbrandt While the term “fogging” may typically be used in reference to repelling mosquitoes or other insects, an entirely different kind of fogging is happening in local schools and officials […]


A very simple but informative chart to help you chose the right disinfectant. Sani Pass uses HOCl Anolyt exclusively for all its disinfection units… this means great disinfection results but no health or environmental risks. Tough on the germs but […]

Disinfecting machine invented to help get crowds back at venues amid pandemic

By: Chris Conte for Rebound Colorado From football stadiums to movie theatres, the idea of large crowds is still terrifying to a lot of people during this pandemic, but a new invention that helps kill COVID-19 germs instantly could help […]

Hypochlorous Acid: An Ideal Wound Care Agent With Powerful Microbicidal, Antibiofilm, and Wound Healing Potency, December 2014 Abstract: Chronic wounds and the infections associated with them are responsible for a considerable escalation in morbidity and the cost of health care. Infection and cellular activation and the relation between cells are 2 critical factors in wound […]

OK Firefighters Create New, Fast Way to Disinfect Equipment

Developed by two Tulsa firefighters with items found in most stations, the spray system kills viruses, such as COVID-19, with hypochlorous acid, and it can be used to disinfect gear and apparatus. Apr 6th, 2020 (edited) Oklahoma firefighters have […]


Look inside Scottish club Hamilton’s new coronavirus ‘disinfectant tunnel’ that sprays players with fine mist of acid HAMILTON ACADEMICAL have shown off their new ‘disinfectant tunnel’ in a bid to get Scottish football back safely from the coronavirus shutdown., […]

New Sanitizing Technology Makes Quick Work of COVID-19 (edited) Sanitation is an essential component of cruise ship operation, and in recent months it has become an even more critical component. Global port authorities around the world are carefully screening for COVID-19 coronavirus along with other illnesses such as […]