Fort Smith School District, Website

Fort Smith Public Schools is taking a rigorous approach to reducing the spread of germs in schools. With flu season bearing down on students and their teachers, FSPS Facilities staff are using Geneon foggers and a chemical called Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to disinfect classrooms and offices throughout the district. 

HOCI is a weak acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water. HOCI is used in hospitals and several government facilities to help fight different viruses. The health department verifies that HOCI aids in the removal of influenza and certain bacteria, and that it is safe to use where children are present. 

The district has one fogger in each of the secondary schools. These are used on a daily rotation from section to section of each school. At the elementary schools, there are two district teams that go out to fog 10 schools in one week and fog the remaining nine schools the very next week. These rotations began in late January and will continue until flu season is over. Facilities teams will increase their visits to elementary schools if there is a need.  

In conjunction with the fogging there are a few things that each custodian is doing every day to help reduce the spread of germs. They are using HDQ which is a hospital grade disinfectant, virucide, and fungicide. Each door knob, paper towel dispenser, drinking fountain, and countertop is being wiped down with HDQ at different times throughout the day. All staff have been asked to help custodians ensure that all soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers are full, and everyone is encouraged to promote good hygiene by washing hands often with soap or by using hand sanitizer.