Disinfection tunnels, such as disinfection passages, offered by Sani Pass, are a novel approach to the prevention of COVID-19 transmission. These solutions combine several technologies with proven effectiveness, such as full-body disinfection, hand sanitation, and mask detection. Below is a brief overview of the disinfection passage principle of operation along with highlights of its main benefits.

How Does a Disinfection Tunnel Work?

The disinfection passage (disinfection tunnel) is a comprehensive sanitation and monitoring solution suitable for living organisms, goods, and raw materials. In its most basic form, it consists of a metal frame with nozzles that disperse a sanitizing agent. Once a sensor detects someone entering the passageway, the nozzles start spreading the disinfectant atomized into tine particles. The particles form a dry fog have low sedimentation speed, which allows permeating the surfaces of objects inside. At the same time, the fog does not leave any moisture, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

A full-body disinfection channel is also equipped with auxiliary security measures like hand sanitation, mask recognition, and body temperature measurement. Upon entry, the user’s face is scanned by an intelligent sensor. If no mask is detected or a temperature threshold is reached, the passage either starts an alarm or prevents the user from passing through.

The Sani Pass sanitizing passage uses a food-grade organic solution that is completely harmless to humans but eradicates a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria. It also leaves no trace on fabric, leather, and other surfaces, making it a viable solution for disinfecting personal possessions in public spaces.

Advantages of Disinfection Spraying Tunnels for COVID-19

Comprehensive Thermometry and Disinfection Anti Epidemic Machine

Sanitizing the surfaces is the most apparent aspect of the anti-COVID measures, yet they are only a part of the effort to battle the pandemic. Without changes in behaviors and attitudes, the effectiveness of the disinfection station is limited. To aid the ongoing effort of promoting healthy behaviors, our full-body disinfection channel is equipped with sensors that detect whether the user is wearing a mask. Depending on the setting, the tunnel can be configured to either encourage the user to wear PPE or prevent them from passing through.

Fully Contactless Operation

To complement the efficiency and thoroughness of the disinfection process, we’ve made sure that our full-body disinfection channel excludes every possibility of contamination. To achieve this, the entire procedure can be made without a single touchpoint. It includes temperature measurement, hand sanitation, and the decontamination itself.

Safe and Efficient Disinfection Solution

Our full-body disinfection channel is effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus as well as a broad range of other microorganisms while being completely safe for humans and other higher life forms. It was originally developed as a measure for ensuring the safety of large-scale public events, which posed several requirements such as convenience and reliability. Because of that, we have settled on hypochlorous acid – a solution that has a number of useful properties, making it suitable for a variety of civil and industrial applications.

  • Non-toxic: The disinfection gateway uses a completely harmless disinfection solution for human, animal, and plant life.
  • Odorless and non-irritant: The solution does not have any unpleasant side effects.
  • Chemically-selective: Works only against microorganisms like bacteria and viruses without affecting higher forms of life
  • Food-grade: Hypochlorous acid is approved for use in foodservice and water distribution.
  • Zero-residue: The lack of visible traces makes it suitable for public applications.
  • Environmentally friendly: The solution is biodegradable, occurs naturally, and does not accumulate in the organism.

As can be seen, the chosen disinfectant is not only safe and efficient but also convenient for application in non-specialized environments like public spaces and crowded events, educational amenities, hospitals, retail venues, public transport stations, hotels, and sports centers.

Easy Deployment

In certain scenarios, a decontamination and sanitation passage  is a stationary solution installed for continuous operation. However, there are also plenty of cases where it has to be installed temporarily, often within relatively short time frames. The Sani Pass line-up features several models of different sizes:

  • Full-size sanitizer fogging passage
  • Luggage disinfection unit
  • Portable fogger
  • Disinfection robot

All models are made from durable and lightweight materials and designed to simplify the assembly and installation. To further enhance the security, we also offer standalone body temperature monitoring systems and hand sanitizers for situations where full-body disinfection is not necessary.

Zero-Delay Operation

Tunnels are designed to operate in crowded environments and can accommodate heavy audience traffic. The machine is also highly intuitive and distraction-free so that the entire operation can be accomplished within 10 seconds. It includes mask detection, hand sanitation, and full-body disinfection.

Data-Driven Solution

The disinfection procedure is powered by smart sensors and is highly autonomous, requiring no servicing on site aside from occasional disinfectant refill. Not only that, the data gathered during the disinfection process can be collected and analyzed to obtain valuable insights like customer or employee attendance. This data can then be used to adjust the safety policies or for similar managerial decisions.

Wrapping Up

Disinfection tunnels provide several layers of protection against COVID-19. These include physical disinfection of surfaces, detection of risky behaviors, and data collection and analysis. On top of that, they are highly autonomous, easy to deploy, and intuitive to operate. In combination, these advantages make them an efficient and non-intrusive solution for addressing the ongoing public health crisis.