The rise of Sanitised Travel

THE DAY OF THE LIFE OF AN AIRLINE PASSENGER Air travel will never be the same after the advent of the COVID-19 outbreak. Just like  how travellers would not have stepped on-board an airplane after 9/11 unless they  were assured […]

Fighting the flu is serious business.

Fort Smith School District, Website Fort Smith Public Schools is taking a rigorous approach to reducing the spread of germs in schools. With flu season bearing down on students and their teachers, FSPS Facilities staff are using Geneon foggers and […]

Hypochlorous acid – a review

Hypochlorous acid may be the disinfectant of choice for coronaviruses in an oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) office Michael S. Block, DMD Brian G. Rowan, DMD MD AbstractCoVID-19 virus structure and mechanism of infection Coronavirus -19 (CoVID-19) is a novel […]

Press Release

New Technology Meets the New Normal: Solving Event Attendance During a Pandemic Events, concerts, and any large gathering of people will never be the same, but Sani Pass is a mobile disinfection channel solution for the new normal in our […]

The New Dentist Cold Fogging

“While an N95 mask (or KN95) is probably our best personal protection, ultra-low volume fogging with a hypochlorous acid solution is our best option at this point to ‘clean’ the air.” Congratulations to the dental profession. We won the lottery. […]