SaniPass™ Model M64

New Technology Meets the New Normal: Solving Event Attendance During a Pandemic

Events, concerts, and any large gathering of people will never be the same, but Sani Pass is a mobile disinfection channel solution for the new normal in our post-coronavirus world.

June 16th 2020, Thunder Bay – While many businesses are reopening, the threat of COVID-19 is still preventing large gatherings from returning. Sani Pass, a mobile disinfection channel that can be setup at any event, building, or large gathering, can help expedite the opening of these businesses. Using a touch-free disinfection and temperature screening process, Sani Pass gives attendees and organizers added protection against infection.

Mark Zurevinski, CEO of Sani Pass, saw his entire business disappear with the emergence of COVID-19:

“Having been in the entertainment business for decades, we went from 100 to 0% overnight. We explored solutions to help us reopen our business, however there simply wasn’t any— so we built one: Sani Pass. The machine initially detects and verifies that you are wearing a face mask and that your body temperature is within acceptable limits. Hand sanitizer is then dispensed touch-free. Upon stepping into the unit, a natural, non-toxic disinfectant is emitted as a dry fog, leaving absolutely no residue. It’s truly an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to protect their staff and customers from cross-contamination.”

We strongly believe that the use of a Sani Pass disinfection channel, in combination with a proper face mask, helps in the prevention of contracting COVID-19 through cross-contamination when entering a populated space. The mobile disinfection channel is equipped with a proprietary system that disperses a very fine, dry fog of organic, non-toxic, non-irritant disinfection solution. This process assists in protecting individuals when entering a confined area by eliminating 99.9% of germs and viruses that may be present on their skin, clothes and handheld belongings. Sani Pass has also been designed to be handicap accessible.

The solution used within the Sani Pass unit is one of nature’s oldest disinfectants: HOCI. As Heidi Wilcox,​ ​Wilcox EVS​ microbiologist and infection control specialist, explains:

“Infection mitigation systems like Sani Pass that use HOCl are the holy grail of sanitizing and disinfecting. HOCl is, by far, the least toxic disinfectant for humans and the environment. Using HOCl, Sani Pass also cuts down on solid waste, like plastics or cardboard present in other cleaning operations. There are also no synthetic fragrances and dyes in the solution to avoid causing or exacerbating asthma or reducing indoor air quality.”

Sani Pass is touch-free, and the entire process is completed in approximately 8-10 seconds per person, depending on face mask detection, or if other advanced features are enabled.

While we can never expect to return to a world without COVID-19, we must do everything possible to protect people while still allowing them to live and enjoy their lives. Sani Pass is an all-in-one, mobile solution that comes in multiple models to fit a wide range of needs. More info on the different models available can be found on the​ ​Sani Pass website​.


To learn more about Sani Pass, or to schedule an interview with Sani Pass CEO Mark Zurevinski, please call +1-603-306-3645 or e-mail You can also check out the Sani Pass website at ​​.