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Body Temperature Monitoring System

The SP_TM01 unit is an access control device with thermal imaging function. A binocular camera with a high-performance hardware platform and infrared imaging technology provides accurate temperature measurement at the entrance gate.

Use cases:

The Sani Pass temperature monitoring system was developed with entrance control in mind. It can be used at offices, schools, reception desks, and any other points of entry to a building or an event. The unit has an 8-inch screen, so it can be installed as a free-standing or wall mounted feature for temperature monitoring. The temperature measurement is conducted within a 0.5-1.5 meter distance in under one second, offering a queue free user flow for medium-traffic access control.


• Dust- and waterproof structures and IP65 protection class allow for outdoor application
• Mask recognition feature with visual and audible alerts
• Low-light mode for darker temperature measurements and mask recognition
• Anti-counterfeiting function to detect photo/video deception
• Support of IC and ID cards, fingerprints, QR-code verification
• 30,000 face-matching library with a 1:1 recognition rate of 99.97% and living accuracy rate of 98.3%


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