SD-72 Corded ULV cold Fogger

Sani Pass SD-72 ULV fogger is one of the most powerful units on the market. It can cover an area of 100 m² in less than 60 seconds. A 4-liter solution tank with a 2-speed control allows for highly efficient fogging without refilling.

Use cases:

This corded fogger is primarily used with disinfectants and biocides to decontaminate large areas like warehouses, pavilions, event venues, and hotels. SD-72 model offers adjustable droplet size to accommodate disinfection of spaces within different industries: from healthcare to entertainment. The fogger’s tank can be filled with a variety of liquids for decontamination as well as odor removal or pests eradication.


• A long power cord and large liquid tank (4 l) allow for maximized space coverage.
• Powerful flow rate (~60LPH to ~16GPH) provides fast fog space coverage of 100 m² in less than a minute.
• 2-speed control makes more efficient use of the fogging solution.
• Adjustable droplet size (between 5 and 50 micron).
• Exclusive 1,170 W motor with half-power mode for lower noise reduction.


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