FebriDX® Rapid Test

FebriDX® Rapid Test Device is an on-site evaluation to determine if a patient has symptoms of an acute respiratory infection (ARI). The device also identifies the nature of ARI (viral or bacterial) to assist doctors with medication prescription.

Use cases:

Rapid test devices can be of great assistance for temporary hospitals, emergency rooms, educational facilities, and even hotels. The test is an all-in-one device that does not require any additional equipment or instruments to complete the diagnosis. FebriDX® Rapid Test Device is lightweight, so it can be used for every patient by trained staff to accelerate the triage.


• Fast results in under 10 minutes.
• Highly sensitive dual biomarker technology for reliable differentiation of viral and bacterial infections.
• All-in-one device for precise diagnostics that requires no additional instruments or equipment for use.
• Lightweight and portable design for simple operations.


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