hands sanitizers with temperature scanner

ST-03 Hand Sanitizer

ST-03 is an innovative touch-free hand sanitizer with a temperature measuring function. An automatic thermal sensor with audiovisual alarm function detects any abnormal body temperature while the sanitizer disperses the sanitizing solution on one’s hands.

Use cases:

Sani Pass ST-03 hand sanitizing station is an ideal entrance control solution for public places. A person uses it to sanitize their hands while going into a building or other confined space, and the unit simultaneously evaluates their body temperature signaling to the staff any abnormal body temperature. This hand sanitizing station can be AC or battery-powered, while the sturdy structure makes it suitable for outdoor applications.


• Two types of mounting: wall or tripod-fixed for free-standing application
• Large-capacity battery with power-saving mode or AC powering for longer user
• High-precision temperature measuring sensor with +/- 0.3℃ accuracy
• A refillable container of 1000 ml capacity for the sanitizing solution
• Replaceable dispenser nozzles for different disinfection solutions (liquid, foam, gel)
• Compact size (119x133x280 mm) and lightweight (702 g)


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