SaniPass™ Model L76

Sani Pass L76

Sani Pass L76 is a flagship heavy-duty disinfection unit. Designed with a larger bay for continuous audience flow and a larger liquid tank, this disinfection passage is suitable for high visitor flow.

Use cases:

Sani Pass L76 has automatic doors and an expanded disinfectant tank which set this model aside from the similar units in its range. It is an ideal solution for airports, train/bus stations, concerts, theme parks, office buildings, schools, universalities, and any other medium- to high-traffic areas. The dry-fog solution supplied through 8 misting nozzles provides an optimal disinfection process with 99.99% efficiency.


• Intelligent data management allows collecting facemask recognition data for further verification and use (which is of high importance at high-traffic events).
• German-produced thermal imaging sensors by HEIMANN guarantee accurate temperature readings while a programmable audio/visual alarming system indicates any body temperature deviations.
• Odor-free food-grade disinfectant is stored in high-capacity tanks for up to 3,000 disinfections per one load.
• Overhead LED-lightning makes the unit efficient in low-light and dark environments.
• Super-dry fog dispersed via the unit nozzles penetrates a person’s clothes and carry-ons, disinfecting their skin, fabrics, and any hand carried items.


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