luggage disinfection station

Luggage Disinfection Unit FA73

Sani Pass FA73 disinfection unit provides non-toxic and non-irritant cleaning of luggage in high-traffic areas. The dry-fog disinfection unit volumetrically disinfects personal belongings at a 99.99% efficiency rate.

Use cases:

FA73 luggage disinfection unit by Sani Pass consists of a stainless-steel tank and X-ray-like cube normally used for luggage screening. Through the similarity to the airport luggage checking machines, the Sani Pass FA73 unit offers perfect usability and comfort of use for airport workers, train/bus station personnel, and security staff in office buildings. The unit’s size is 3500x1422x1460 mm allowing it to accommodate large suitcases as well as hand-carried luggage items.


• Oscillating ceramic discs break the disinfectant liquid into sub micron sized droplets and create a dry-fog solution that covers all of the item inside and offers 99.99% decontamination efficiency.
• The disinfectant used in our units is called HOCl. This water based solution is made of organic components and is absolutely non-toxic for humans and animals.
• Stainless steel is the primary material for the unit. It minimizes maintenance efforts and guarantees that no residues build up is formed even in the smallest nozzle-holes.
• Automatic infrared disinfection control helps to provide maximum efficiency with minimum usage of disinfection liquid.
• All the unit’s electrical installation is developed in accordance with the IP65 protection protocol.
• In case of any emergency, a stop button can pause the disinfection within seconds.


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