SaniPass™ Model T96

Sani Pass T96

Sani Pass T96 is a portable unit for businesses in need of frequent unit relocation. It features a sturdy exterior, six heavy-duty wheels, as well as a foldable structure.

Use cases:

Sani Pass T96 was designed with mobility in mind. It is lightweight as compared to the rest of the Sani Pass units. Its portable design equipped with LED lights can be used for temporary hospitals, low light entertainment locations, convention spaces and construction sites. The unit is easy-to-move, and the entrance/exit points can be reversed, hence providing multi-directional use, which can be of use for reversed audience flow at high-traffic events.


• Face-mask recognition and staff-tracking features are available to monitor personnel and visitors’ body temperature and attendance (the data can be stored in the cloud for further examination).
• The audio and visual alarm system is designated to monitor and alert about any body temperature abnormality.
•In-built high-accuracy thermal imaging by HEIMANN (Germany) for no-contact temperature reading.
• Disinfection rate with 99.99% efficiency reached with ultra dry fog of non toxic electrolyzed water (HOCl).
• Capacious disinfectant tanks allowing for up to 1,500 disinfections per fill.


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