Sani Pass – The Evolution

As a global exhibition and event producer with over 30 years in the entertainment business Universal Exhibition Group Inc. (UEG) relies on audiences all around the world coming to see its shows and exhibitions.

Naturally we were heavily affected in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis earlier this year. With most of the exhibition venues closed and virtually all of the general public confined to their homes across most of the planet, we started to explore various solutions that would assist us in bringing our industry back to life.

In cooperation with a talented group of engineers we have developed Sani Pass, short for Sanitation Passage. Sani Pass is a fully automatic/ touch-free cleansing unit. Features include real time body temperature measurement, face mask recognition, touch-free hand cleansing wash as well as full body cleansing. The combined process is highly effective in reducing the germs and viruses on one`s outside body, clothes and hand held items as one walks through the unit. The entire process is completed in 8- 10 seconds for able body individuals through an application of a light fog of a non-toxic, food grade and odorless solution.

When the above was discussed with our various international entertainment and institutional partners the response was overwhelming. We quickly realized, that this was a solution to much more than our specific industry. In fact, the various applications of use exceed the entire entertainment industry. Sani Pass can be effective in various settings including airports, educational institutions, public transport, shopping malls, cinemas, hotels, offices etc.

People want to be protected. People want to feel a sense of security when they return to common areas outside of their homes. Sani Pass along with proper PPE will provide what the public expects and deserves. Today going forward.

The Players

UEG as the parent company for Sani Pass offers a wide network of entertainment promoters, governmental and private institutions and venues as well as logistical and promotion partners from the four corners of the world.

UEG has managed to secure the exclusive distribution rights including North America as well as distribution in the Caribbean and Europe. CE certification for the European market has already been completed. Necessary approvals for the North Amnerican market are currently in process.

UEG has designed and registered the Sani Pass brand and secured pre-approval from various key players.